Resident Registration

If you are a resident in Portugal, and have a residency card, you can register with our clinic before using our services for the first time. That way when you come for your first consultation we will already have your details on file. Our normal fee for a first consultation is 50 euros, however if you register in advance by using the online facility, the first consultation will be 40 euros. We would require as much information as possible.This does not apply to holidaymakers, or short stay visitors.

Please note if you do not have a Portuguese Health Number (numero de utente -SNS NÂș) but do have a European health card, bring that with you on your first visit or scan into us and send by separate email to

Register only Register and make appointment

If you wish to register for a specific doctor and/or book an appointment at the same time please put the details in the comments box and we will confirm by email.