The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The above phrase is typical for problems of the feet. In majority of cases, pain or dysfunction is multi-causal.

If you look around, you will see many disfigured feet and shoes that don’t fit well (fit-flops!). Particularly in later stage of life, the results of ‘abuse’ of the feet arise to the surface. Heel spur, fasciitis plantaris, Achilles tendon or Hallux valgus are common foot-problems. Sometimes the structural changes are so dramatic that only surgery will give any relief.

Luckily many people ‘walk’ into the clinic with functional pains and aches. Often with the right treatment, good results can be achieved. E.g. Fasciitis plantaris and Achilles tendon problems are treated with state-of-the-art Shockwave, but it doesn’t end there. If the underlying cause is a malposition of foot-arches or heel, the problem will repeat itself.

That’s why a combination of specialisations is more effective. A physiotherapist and podiatrist have both their field of expertise. What is important that both have the same philosophy about resolving above mentioned situations. A combined consultation is therefore mandatory.

Since a year I work with Arjan Louwerse, a Dutch orthopedic shoemaker and podiatrist. Together we assess in Clinica ‘Optima Forma’ the problem of your foot, Arjan will make a print of the foot and he manufactures a taylor-made insole (The price of a pair of insoles starts at € 120 and are made locally). This way the result of resolving your discomfort is much better!

It is however a fact that insoles should be worn daily… In a country where temperatures arise over 30ºC regularly, it is sometimes a burden to wear proper shoes. Fortunately there are companies where you can buy sandals which fit your newly made insoles. One thing stands out: if you face above mentioned foot injuries, they only will get worse in time!

So, be smart and do the right thing…

If you would like more information, please contact Bernard Vrijaldenhoven (mob. 91 847 6000) or the International Health Centres in Albufeira (Tel. 289 588 923)