Lumps, Bumps and other lesions of concern

If you have a concern about a skin lesion or a mole, or other lumps etc, we invite you to book an appointment with one of our doctors. They will assess and if it can be removed here in the surgery we can arrange this for you. If they feel it needs to be referred to a specialist we will also arrange that for you.

What to expect

We use a local anaesthetic and the doctor will tell you what is going to happen at each stage. A local anaesthetic is used to prevent pain. The procedure depends on the type of lesion to be removed. Some are removed by scraping (curettage), others with a scalpel that may require stitches. These will be removed several days later as advised by the doctor, and an appointment will be made for you. There is no charge for the removal. At this time they will advise you if it will need to be sent for analysis. In most cases you are ok to drive after your procedure. If not we would advise at time of making the appointment to bring someone with you.

Where does the procedure take place?

We book you in for the minor surgery at our practice and use our treatment room which is specifically designed for this.

How long does the procedure take?

Normal time for minor surgery is between 30-45 minutes,

How much does it cost?

For a relatively normal procedure the cost of removal is 125 Euros.

What if it needs to be tested?

If we have to send the sample away to be checked for a possible cancerous lesion, the cost is 75 Euros per sample. Normally only one sample is taken. Results take approximately 7-10 days to come back.

What if it is cancer?

Some lesions removed may be a type of cancer. If they have been successfully removed, with clear margins (there is healthy skin around the lesions that was removed) you most probably will be asked to keep an eye on that area and inform the clinic if anything changes, but no further treatment is required. Some lesions that are removed may require that you come back for a check every year or so and some may require further investigation. This will all be explained by your treating doctor.

Other types of procedures carried out at the practice.

Joint and soft tissue injections

Some patients may benefit from a steroid injection into a joint or soft tissue area. These are specialized and carried out by different doctors here in our practice. At the time of your consultation this will be discussed. The doctor would indicate if you could or could not drive after the procedure. Approximate cost is 60 Euros.


This is where fluid is removed from the space around a joint using an aspiration needle. It may or may not be done under local anesthetic depending on the swelling. Fluid may be removed to relieve the swelling only or to send for analysis.

Incision , excision, draining

These procedures can also be carried out here once the doctor has assessed what needs to be done. Our doctor will always explain to you what the treatment plan would involve.

Ingrowing toe nails.

These can be removed here in the clinic by appointment.


If you have a swelling, cyst, ulcer or any other lump or bump that has been there for a while, starts to itch,
changes shape or colour, or become larger, you should book to see the doctor.