You are welcome to register with us regardless of where you live. Our reception staff will be happy to guide you through the procedure. The first consultation including registration is 50 Euros. If you have a “Numero de Utente” this is a Portuguese health number, “Numero de Contribuinte” this is a Portuguese tax number or EHIC card, please bring these along so we can put all the details on your patient file. We always require your full name, full address in Portugal, contact phone numbers and email.

Once you are registered, and had your first consultation with one of our doctors, you can use our online repeat prescription service. This is currently a free service and our patients can order their prescriptions on line for up to 6 months in most circumstances without having to see a doctor. If you have a Utente number (Portuguese national health number), the prescription will be sent to your Portuguese mobile phone as a coded SMS message which you just show to the chemist and they will dispense. Paper prescriptions are being phased out in Portugal. If you do not have a Utente number, the prescription is for collection only from the clinic. PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 3 WORKING DAYS FOR THE PRESCRITION TO BE ISSUED. Do not leave it until the last minute to order as we receive a high volume of requests each day. If you urgently need medication, you would need to book an appointment and see the doctor.

Non Residents

A non resident consultation is 60 Euros. You will be asked to provide full name, address you are staying here in Portugal and your contact phone number and email. You can still book a consultation on line using our online service, email us or telephone 00351 289 588923.