The clinic recognizes that some people are unable or unwilling to come to the clinic for a consultation or their follow up consultation for ongoing treatment due to their personal circumstances. Whilst our doctors prefer face to face consultations, we now also offer a telephone consultation for our existing patients where we hold records for them. To make this as simple as possible, you can either call the clinic directly to book a telephone consultation, or complete the short form below. We would then set up your consultation with the doctor of your choice. Once the consultation has taken place, we would then send you the payment details which can be done via online banking or at the multibanco. The charges for this would remain the same as coming to the clinic.

Please remember the clinic can only take phone calls between 09.00 and 17.00 hours Monday to Friday.

Fill in the form bellow and we will contact you for your telephone consultation. it would help if you can indicate the reason for your telephone consultation in the comments box but this is not compulsory.

This service cannot be offered to people who are not patients of our practice.

    Your privacy is our main consideration and therefore the same strict rules around patient confidentiality in respect to a physical consultation will apply to a telephone consultation. This type of consultation is different and new to many of us, and if you are not better in 2 days, or worse you must contact us again.