During these difficult times, the clinic recognizes that some people are unable or unwilling to come to the clinic for a consultation or their follow up consultation for ongoing treatment. Whilst we are still open every morning under strict guidelines for everyone's safety for those who wish to attend in person, we are now also offering a variety of ways to have a consultation with your doctor. To make this as simple as possible, you can either call the clinic directly to book, or complete a short form. We would then set up your preferred way of consulting with the doctor, send you the payment details and the time of your consultation. The charges for this would remain the same, 30€ for a new consultation, 20 for a follow up and 50 for a new patient.

Please remember the clinic can only take phone calls between 09.00 and 17.00 hours Monday to Friday.

Fill in the form bellow and we will contact you for your video consult


Dr Bernard Landau
Dra Helena Kampfraath
Dra Ana Rodrigues
Telephone Call

Your privacy is our main consideration and therefore the same strict rules around patient confidentiality in respect to a physical consultation will apply to a virtual consultation. This type of consultation is different and new to many of us, and if you are not better in 2 days, or worse you must contact us again.