Say goodbye to skin tags this summer

Summer sun means donning your swimwear. But if the thought of this is a little daunting because skin tags are affecting your body confidence, make an appointment at our clinic where we can remove with them safely and quickly right here in the practice. That way, nothing can hold you back from enjoying your long-overdue holiday.

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that commonly appear on the neck, armpits, around the groin or under the breasts. They are completely harmless and don’t cause any pain or discomfort, nor are they contagious. They are quite common amongst pregnant women and can appear as the result of hormone changes.

Can skin tags be removed?

Whilst skin tags are harmless, some people choose to have them removed for a variety of reasons. A larger skin tag, for example, might catch on clothing or the individual might be self-conscious about how it looks. The good news is that skin tags can be removed safely and quickly right here at our practice.

How it works

Skin tags can be removed effectively through a process known as cryotherapy. This involves freezing the area which kills the cells within the skin tag, blocking the blood supply and causing it to eventually drop off. The whole process is over within just a few minutes, although it is worth noting that larger skin tags may require more than one treatment session.

The doctor will see you now

Call 289 588923 or email our reception team at  to book an appointment at a time that suits you. We’re open five days a week and we often have short-notice appointments available.

At your initial appointment, one of our highly qualified will carry out an in-depth consultation to discuss and assess the skin tag. Here, they will inform you if the skin tag can be removed in the practice.

Should the GP decide it is safe to proceed with the removal, an appointment will be made at the practice.

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